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Bluetooth connected Navigation display

The goal of this project is to create a low cost display that can be mounted to the handlebars or fairing of any motorcycle to provide a display of the riders route navigation. GPS navigation is performed via an app running on the users smart phone. Directions are communicated over Bluetooth from the the phone to the display module discussed below..

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NTS Grid Coordinate System

Working with Oil and Gas well location data in Western Canada is challenging due to the prevalence of many different identifier types that are used to represent the location of a given well, we have DLS, NTS & UWI. I developed a library that contains types that represent the various grid systems. These types perform validation of input values to ensure that the values are valid. The types can also perform conversion between geographic locations and the survey system locations.

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Configure Angular apllication with Server Environment Variables.

To configure an angular client to receive environment variables as set on the host Server. This allows us to promote our code base between environments without altering our client files. This could also be used in a scenario where we take advantage of Azure slotting to provide slot persistent settings to the client during a swap.

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Make. Homebrew Gear Position Indicator

Sometimes you can’t buy the exact thing you want from a store, those are great situations. Let me show you a hardware project where I designed the circuit and coded the firmware.

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Resumable file transfers.

Resumable file transfers are sometimes necessary in situations where a large amount of data must be sent over a network that experiences intermittent outages.

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